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any pronouns, bisexy ❤

likes: soup, gojo satoru, flowers & pictures of flowers, history, spending time with my friends, taking naps, the rain (i live in a desert boooo)... gacha games unfortunately, pokemon, baking things sometimes.... listening to my friends talk about the things they love ^_^

dislikes: html -_- seriously its so hard getting anything to look nice here i have such a newfound respect for people who code and make websites now !! i have been trying soooo hard to get this working all of my spring break and all i've really done is get really good at just adjusting random bits of code and hoping it works out T_T HOWEVER!! i do have to say i really like making this neocities more than making carrds. its a lot more engaging even though i cant make it look as polished

purple flowers

so how did i get the name mira?

well it was a real spur of the moment kind of decision, i was literally just scrolling through twitter or whatever when all of a sudden i decided to look at a baby name website and i was scrolling through and i saw mira and i was like omg :) mira :) that rolls off the tongue really well i love it! other names i was looking at was elika and ira (ira is so close to mira LOL) and i was considering between all three yanno, looking at the meanings in different languages and all that and i saw somewhere mira means ocean as well which was awesome because i really love the ocean !! i also had a mutual with a name pretty close to ira already so i was like mira it is! and i started going by it and that was that.

now dont get me wrong i really love my previous names and their role with helping me come to terms with my poc identity etc. but mira felt so ❤!! its just been a lot more comfortable even though its considered a more feminine name :)

what was really funny about my name change is that i was going through my notes app the other day, and i found a list of names i made in NOVEMBER of 2019 (before we even knew what a big deal covid was gonna be lol) and lo and behold mira was right there on the list... the more things change the more they stay the same i guess. it was so interesting to see especially because i have no clue what i made that list for honestly and look at me now

purple flowers

things i eventually wanna learn about making websites: DEFINITELY incorporating varied fonts & text colors- i really love the old school feel/aesthetic of neocities do it yourself websites, especially cuz my earliest memories of the internet was the very end of what you would call the myspace era was i guess (not *exactly* the height of personal websites i know). HATE how depersonalized and minimalistic modern graphic design is. its all like...... the same thing everywhere :// i will say though, one merit of modern design is that it is often accessible (easy to read/not eyestrainy you get the drill) but unique personal designs means like an actual connection with other people despite it being technology! i hope you get my gist U_U...

★ i also really want to figure out how to get images and containers of different sizes and shapes next to each other... that aspect of web design is so much fun :)

★ i want to also figure out how to incorporate javascript... i finished the javascript course on codeacademy when i was in 8th grade but i dont remember anything of value now -_-

this website is very much always going to be under construction (well until i lose interest LOL) and i hope to incorporate a lot of fun things into it one day !!
purple flowers

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