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ohhh what can i even say about gojou......

hes my everything hes my silly turtle, my right hand arm man, my beloved, my dearest, my sweetie pie, the apple of my eye, my peach cobbler, my sweetheart, the first person i think of when i wake up the last thing i think of before i go to sleep, he's everything to me ♥♥!!!! (note 2 self: figure out how to add captions one day& arrange images in one div + gojo trivia + ADD THE RANDOM QUOTE BUTTON!!)

who is gojo??

gojo satoru is my favorite character from the anime jujutsu kaisen!! he is a 28 year old sagittarius who works as a teacher at jujutsu tech :) hes a little pathetic but thats the best part of any white haired anime man :))) he has a TON of gender... hes also the so called strongest jujutsu sorcerer in canon (LOL as of chapter 145 of the manga anyways) and has an ability called the six eyes which basically allow him to see cursed energy and infinity, which basically works like limits approaching infinity- objects can get infinitely close to him but as long as he has the ability activated they cant actually touch him. gojo used the achilles and the tortoise paradox to explain it personally -_- (maybe ill add more on this later?)